TRI Beam Laser Toning

Considered to be a revolutionary cosmetic procedure, TRI beam laser toning treats or corrects everything. From pores to skin acne to hyperpigmentation and so on.

There is a reason why this procedure is so effective. The secret to it is the powerful Q- switched Nd:YAG Laser the procedure uses which smoothens the skin and reverses each and every issue your skin faces.

The laser uses the heat and light energy emitted by the laser along with carbon to vaporise the damaged layers of the skin by constantly breaking down the dark pigments which are responsible for your micropigmentation, scars, tan and other issues.

This laser apart from breaking down the dark pigments, stimulates the production of collagen in the body which in turn results in production of fresh and new skin cells.

Why is TRI Beam Laser Toning better?

Due to the cutting edge technology it uses, TRI Beam laser has proven to be a pathbreaker in skin rejuvenation by reducing anything from fine lines to wrinkles.

Other advantages are:

  • Improving skin clarity and colour.
  • It can be used in various parts of the body
  • Suitable for all types of skin
  • It is a short procedure - 20 to 30 minutes per session.
  • Pain free treatment.

So you can see how in so many ways, TRI Beam Laser Toning is beneficial for you and your skin. When it comes to cost, it varies from clinic to clinic.


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