Photo Facial

What is a Photo Facial?

Photofacial is a treatment to remove signs of aging such as finelines, improve texture, reduce pigmentation and stimulate collagen production.

Who needs a Photofacial?

Any person who needs a instant glow effect can get a Photofacial. Repeated sessions can be done for those who want to achieve the antiaging benefits of Photofacial.

How is it performed?

Photofacials are performed with gentle Pulsed Light treatments.

What will I experience during a Photofacial?

You will experience a "snap of a rubber" sensation during the procedure. This sensation lasts only for a fraction of a second.

What do I experience after a Photofacial?

You will experience a improvement of texture, glow and tightening of skin after a Photofacial.

How many sessions will one need?

The beauty of a Photofacial is that one sees result immediately after the session. So it is an excellent "Instant Glow" Treatment immediately before a party / function. Those who wish to maintain their skin can come for monthly sessions.

Can I immediately go back to work?

Yes. One can resume their day-to-day activities immediately after a Photo-facial.

Which areas can be treated with Photofacial?

Generally most people come for face treatments, but Photofacials can also be done on neck, chest, arms, back of hands, back, etc.

Are their any side-effects?

One may experience some dryness of skin after the procedure but adequate moisturizing takes care of that.

Can I wear make-up after a Photofacial?

Absolutely. You can wear make-up and skin care products after a procedure.

Who can not have a Photofacial?

Patients who come for a Photofacial are thoroughly assessed before being taken up for a procedure. People who have photoallergy or on medications that induce photoallergy are excluded. Your dermatologist will decide if you are the appropriate candidate for the procedure.

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