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Do You Know A Simple Pimple is an Indication of Mental Stress!!!!

A stressful mind causes hormonal fluctuation leading to increased production of oil by the sebaceous glands. The result is an acne break-out.

Homeopathy is the Safest, Gentle and Holistic way of Cure

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The Latest & The Best US FDA Approved Technologies of Modern Science

After 7 years of Intensive Research, Oasis Skincare Centre & Team of Experts Brings You The First Most Advanced Homeo-Aesthetic Skincare Centre.

"The skin is a mirror of the soul and every wrinkle"

Your skin is your body's largest organ; performs many functions and tells a story about your age and health. Care of Skin, hair and nails stands foremost in this aesthetic care.

But Beauty is not always skin deep.

Disease according to homeopathy especially for skin diseases is always concerned with treating the underlying disorder may be psychological, inherited, miasmatic or multifactorial and multifaceted.

The recent lifestyle changes are responsible for the most obstinate, mixed miasmatic skin diseases of the present day. Proper anti-miasmatic medicines remove this harmful sheath from the body restoring the patient to his permanent state of cure.

Homeopathic remedies not only remove the complaint but also the tendency of the complaint to recur; they have been repeatedly found to be efficacious in the field of Dermatology.

We believes in the use of homeopathy, as well as prescriptive skin care systems to restore and maintain skin health. These medicines treat your skin from the inside out. We also use topical agents that work synergistically with proper nutrition to regulate skin cells' functions.

If you will be having cosmetic surgery, We will alter your nutritional regimen and also administer well documented and beneficial homeopathic remedies orally to assist patients in recovering from bruising and swelling after surgery. Medical experts have treated patients with homeopathic remedies for centuries. Today, scientific studies indicate that homeopathic remedies like Arnica Montana can help minimise swelling and bruising and speed healing after surgery.


The proper maintenance of your skin after surgery or laser procedures is another important part of the process. Quality skin care and sun protection will help maximize the benefits from your surgery or laser treatment.

We have personally handpicked skin product lines that correct the damage to the surface of the skin, balance pigmentation, restore skin tone, and enhance production of collagen and elastin.

Homeo Aesthetics Facials

Khrono Age Anti Ageing Facial

"Hold back the advance of Time" combining the power of cellular energy and powerful homeopathic anti-aging active ingredients, which offer the skin the indispensable elements for maintaining its youthfulness while also challenging the pass of time.

  • Provides anti-aging action, leaving the skin firm and smooth, bringing freshness and vitality also preventing and delaying the signs of aging.
  • Whitess Brightening Facial

    Ideal for blemishes of different origins. Unifies skin color, provides a fair tone and luminosity to the complexion and prevents excess pigmentation. Stable topical Vitamin C increases the levels of the inhibitors of the MMP-1 gene, responsible for the degradation of collagen. It's Homeopathic natural depigmenting agent and protects skin from the oxidizing effects of free radicals resulting in young and bright looking Skin.

  • For all skin types with pigmentation.
  • SenSkin Facial for Sensitive Skin

    Free of perfumes, artificial colors and preservatives. Homeopathic plant extracts are Hydrating, nutritive, regenerative, calming, softening and decongestive. Skin recovers it's natural balance, attenuating expression lines and preventing skin aging.

  • For sensitive, very sensitive, volatile with the symptom of irritation, redness and flaky skin. 16 yrs and above.
  • Purity Anti- Acne Facial

    Regulates sebaceous secretion, minimises dilated pores, absorbs excess oil, renews outer layer of the skin, spot correction, soothes inflammation. Leaves skin refreshed with anti-allergy properties. Reduces pimples and blackheads.

  • For acne prone very oily skin. 16 years and above.
  • Stem Cells Facial

    Stem cells originating from plants have the potential to constantly create new cells with hyaluronic acid. They are rich in keratinocytes with the capacity of auto renovation. Stem cells provide a multifunctional molecule which the tissue assimilates and uses it where it is most needed. This re-establishes the skin, Rejuvenates cellular memory. The skin is left smooth, soft and firm.


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