Facial is an effective way to get glowing skin. There are several types of facials available tough choosing the right facial for your skin type is important. So, what is an oxygen facial? Oxygen facial involves the infusion of oxygen in skin to beautify it and solves many skin problems. It is not an invasive process. It is just a cream and light treatment to obtain a younger, brighter and smoother skin. It exfoliates and rejuvenates skin texture in an easy and quick way.


  • First and foremost benefit of oxygen facial is that it is cooling in nature. It cools skin and provides calmness to facial skin. When the skin is cool it automatically glows.
  • Intake of oxygen hydrates the skin. A well hydrated skin is considered as healthy skin.
  • It kills, prevents and cures bacterial infection on skin due to antioxidants and oxygen presents.
  • It heals uneven skin. It acts like a road roller; I mean it makes the skin even.
  • Due to heavy hydrating products the dry skin problem is no more a problem.
  • It smoothen the skin.
  • Oxygen facial fights acne. If you are prone to acne this facial is best for you.
  • The serum in this facial fights the oily skin problem.
  • Say bye to fine visible lines if you are going for an oxygen facial treatment.
  • Wrinkles are no more a reason to worry as oxygen facial promises to reduce the wrinkle.
  • If you follow a stressed life and have a dull and dry skin just go for Oxygen facials for deep rejuvenation of skin from deep within.
  • It improves facial contours


There are a number of spas that now offer oxygen facials. Since this is a non-medical procedure that does not require injections or the use of any chemicals, it can be performed by any spa employee. Before the actual oxygen treatment begins, the skin care specialist will first exfoliate your skin to ensure that it is free of dirt and excess oils.

After the exfoliation and a mild facial steam, the spa professional will use a machine that introduces oxygen directly into the skin’s pores. The oxygen used is usually treated with a number of supplements that are good for the skin, such as vitamins, to help the skin retain its firmness and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. The procedure is painless and requires no harsh chemical peels, as the whole point is to oxygenate the skin so that it can heal itself more quickly.


One of the reasons why this treatment has become so popular is because an oxygen facial has little to no risk of serious side effects that often occur with so many other professional skin care treatments. People with very sensitive or damaged skin may experience some redness, but it is usually temporary. If there is one down side to having an oxygen facial it’s that that the effects do not last as long as other treatments. Another downside is that the results are not as immediately obvious because the treatment aims to help the skin rejuvenate itself, rather than create specific results.


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