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Professional Training Course in Cosmetology, Trichology & Homeoaesthetics

Why Cosmetology?

In the history of mankind, the 21st century isn’t the first time when the need for cosmetology or beautification has become an important aspect. To surprise you, the first documented cosmetic procedure carried out in India was in 800 BC. In early times to people around the world were particular about the looks and how they felt about being beautiful or moderate. Cosmetology emerged and evolved so rapidly because we knew that somewhere or the other how we feel is directly dependent on how we look. So looking good was considered to be a confidence booster. The procedures & techniques involved in cosmetology are entirely focused on enhancing individual’s appearance, improving aesthetic appeal, symmetry, and proportion thus making the patient to be more presentable and confident.

What is Homeoaesthetics?

Oasis Homeoaesthetics is Brain Child of Dr. Vijaya Oatil, MD (Hom). Owner & founder of Oasis Skincare Cosmetology & Wellness Centre.

Homeoaesthetics is solution for all your skin, Hair & Cosmetological problems using the most modern technology, energy-based devices along with Homeopathic medicines which gives quick, long lasting results without side effects.

Healthy skin is reflection of overall well-being. Our skin reveals our innermost feelings. Effects of long term psychological stress on our skin, hair and nails may be more serious than we realise. Scientific evidence has shown that stress equates to inflammation, acne breakouts, dry skin, Pigmentation, hair loss and brittle nails. Homeopathic treatment regulates the functions of internal organs and cosmetic problems along with the resolution of psychological disorders consistently leading to improvement of a person’s appearance. In conjunction with homeopathic similimum, adjuvant therapies are administer to enhance results.

Now a days, more & more people are interested in holistic health and overall well-being. Dr. Vijaya truly believe helping people look & feel great from within. Her vision is to Spred Happiness by Evoking A Beautiful You!!

After post graduation in Homeopathy & more than 10 years of successful classical homeopathy practice, she did Post graduate diploma in clinical Aesthetics & Trichology.

In homeopathy, law of individualisation is the basis of treatment. Similarly in aesthetic practice, no two skins are alike, and that makes it very exciting. Since 2010, De. Vijaya started combining this safest & gentle mode of treatment with latest of technologies in aesthetic field and pleasantly surprised with the most wonderful results. Every client and their skin gives us a unique opportunity to help them and make them feel great.

It is a fantastic opportunity in making career as an alternative approach to traditional cosmetology. So be ready to choose from the healthiest & cost-effective way of curing techniques. Oasis Homeoaesthetics shows beneficial results with proper & timely use of modern technology and homeopathic similimum on the basis of individualisation.

Clinical Cosmetology at Oasis Skincare, Cosmetology & Wellness Centre consists of:

  • Skin Aesthetics
  • Hair Aesthetics ( Trichology)

These areas are the most commonly treated and demanded by patients. Because what is visible, adds up to your personality.

Why to choose Training at Oasis?

  • Imparting knowledge:

We at Oasis believes in imparting latest, updated & result-Oriented scientific knowledge to our students. The techniques evolved from years of experience by expert trainers and practitioners are taught to the ones wanting to emerge as successful practicing cosmetologists.

  • Hands-on Training:

Practice makes one Perfect !! Take hands-on training with real patients in our operational clinic. No more assumptions, no made-up cases or traditional learning. We believe every patient is unique and so is the treatment. We train upcoming practitioners with a 50 hours of hands-on training under expert supervision and advise to make them independent at a later stage.

  • Personal Attention:

Too many cooks spoil the soup! What a correct proverb that blends well even today. Similarly, learning in huge groups loses the personal touch. We understand this well and have limited our batches to a maximum of 10 students per batch. Quality learning & your success is our key motto in cosmetology training.

  • Expert Trainers:

With superpowers comes big responsibilities. Well… that’s absolutely correct! For training the students to perfection, we have well qualified and expert trainers with over 20 years of experience in cosmetology.

  • Stay Assistance:

A sign of relief to the students who are not native to Mumbai. Staying in Mumbai can be a real pain for the people who are not natives. The fast-moving lifestyle and crowded public transports leave you speechless and the accommodation expenses burn a hole in the pocket. To avoid all of this, we provide stay assistance for our students.

Course Key Highlights

The course is administered by Dr. Vijaya Patil, a specialized trainer in Advance Aesthetic procedures and Practise Management Skills plus a well-known name in the industry. She has an industry experience of over 18 years and she has excelled in the following heads:

  • Skincare & Cosmetology
  • Anti-aging
  • Lasers
  • Trichology
  • Homeo-Aesthetics
  • Homeopathy

Our relation does not end with the tenure of this course. We believe in providing complete support in every difficult situation, so we’ve chosen the most usable and fastest growing mediums of communication. We connect with you via WhatsApp and Facebook group to solve all your hassles.

Our growth is in the growth of our dear students and so we also provide guidance to open their own centers/clinics for practicing.

We are considerate in accepting that the age-old techniques do not work well in today’s situations. We mold our students with the state of art techniques evolved from years of experience so that they can tackle real-world challenges with ease.

We at Oasis truly understand the importance of transparency and maintain the same with all our students & staff too. Your trust is really important and it's the most meaningful gain for us.

We adhere to professional & medical aesthetics right from the time we step in till the time we step out. You’ll never find even a slight encounter of unprofessional approach as the staff & trainers are well aware of their duties toward you!

Cosmetology is a booming career opportunity as the glam of being beautiful forever doesn't extinguish. As per a research from Bureau of Labor Statistics, cosmetology is projected to grow 13 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations.

Who can join this course?

As “Need is the mother of invention”, similarly a strong will to know is the key to learning. We are open to taking admissions if you’ve done any of the below-mentioned academics:

  • Doctors certified for practicing alternative medicines
  • Graduates from recognized university/institute willing to learn cosmetology
  • Medical doctors from recognized institutes/universities

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